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Romantic Bridge

Due to the current travel restrictions, we are offering our members the opportunity to be the first to take part in our new social event in Zoom and meet lots of our charming ladies.




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Join us at our next 'Romantic Bridge' on Sunday the 18th April 2021 at 2:00 p.m. GMT


  • what is A ROMANTIC bridge
    • A 60 min. fun session in Zoom with several charming Russian ladies simultaneously (min 2 ladies per gent, 8-9 participants max.).
    • A relaxed way to be introduced to the girls and to assist in any translation if needed.
    • A great chance to get new acquaintances during lockdown! 
    • Small talk, easy themes of conversation to keep everyone in a good mood, and no personal questions!
    • All the girls and ladies are chosen by the agency so that they match the gents' search criteria.
    • The session is hosted by Mark and Natasha - agency Directors, so there will always be someone to assist you. 
    • The session is organised at least 2 weeks in advance (check our newsletters).
    • The session takes place at a comfortable time at the weekend.
    • Each session hosts different girls from several of our destinations so that you can meet most of them if you travel to this destination later.
    • No personal contact details exchanged during the session, no personal questions.
    • Gents are welcome to order 'Personal Skype' talks with any girls they like following the 'Romantic Bridge'.
    • Gents can purchase contact details of the girl (s) after a 'Personal Skype call' or we prepare their 'Personal Tour' to their destination. Mutual interest is required!
    • All the girls and ladies are members of our agency and are seriously looking for a life partner. 
    • We select mostly girls who can speak English and are in active search in spite of the current situation. They all can travel or meet you in their home city as soon as the borders are open.
    • After being introduced all girls and gents have 1-2 min to speak on the suggested topic (something like what new hobbies you have taken up during lockdown).
    • We get feedback from the girl(s) whom you like before organising a 'Personal Skype Call'.



During these difficult times of isolation, all of us are lacking our usual habitual socialising, experiencing new impressions, and emotions. We decided to introduce this new service in order to bring some joy to our members and potential members and to create some optimism before the restrictions are eased and travel can resume. All bad things will be over sooner or later but human emotions and feelings are immortal:)


We are used to organising our regular socialising 'Romantic Group Tours' to Estonia and many of our guys and girls are missing these tours very much. Whilst there are not many options for socialising personally at the moment we can always meet virtually together online!


Give it a go in spite of all the circumstances and maybe!!! There will be more happy couples matched!


Exactly a year ago we started organising 'Personal Skype Calls' between our gents and girls. They have been a great success and have helped our members to meet interesting people, brought a little cheer into their lives and some of them happened to have met their soul mates. Why not try something different?!




60 minute 'Romantic Bridge' fee - £70.00


IF - after attending the 'Romantic Bridge' you would like to continue contact with anyone, then you may take our 'Personal Skype' call service at a cost of £70.00 per call or £200.00 for 4 calls. Read more here.


IF - after taking a 'Personal Skype Call' you wish to Purchase a lady's personal contact details you may do so for - £150.00.


IF - you do purchase the personal contact details and then decide to take a 'Personal Tour', the £150.00 will be deducted from the cost of the 'Personal Tour' providing you meet the lady whom you have chosen.





- What to do if I don't know how zoom works?

Test your computer and make sure your webcam and microphone work. If you are not familiar with the Zoom system we will contact you in advance and show and test it together.


- What is the dress code?

Be dressed for the occasion! though all of us will be mostly talking from home it's always nice to see a well-groomed and well-dressed person and it's good to show respect to the ladies by wearing a white shirt or even a tie:).


- What to talk about?

Prepare beforehand what you might talk about. Each participant will have 1-2 minutes to speak about the chosen subject. I.E. one of our topics will be what you have taken up (or a new experience) during lockdown. Make sure you speak positively, and not too quickly (for those non-native speakers to understand you), and the main thing - with a big smile:)))


What if I like someone?

Be ready to make some notes about the girls' names and what they talk about! This will be useful if you decide to have a 'Personal Skype' talk with the lady at a later date. Believe us, she will be impressed if you remember what she spoke about.


Join us at our next 'Romantic Bridge' on Sunday the 18th April 2021 at 2:00 p.m. GMT

It will be great to see you.


Book your place at our next 'Romantic Bridge':



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