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Dubai, UAE
Aged 24
Id 40141
I am an open-minded person with positive thinking. My hobbies are dancing, scientific literature, travel. I like an active lifestyle: sports, rock climbing, golf, sap surfing. I would like to meet...
Moscow, Russia
Aged 35
Id 1180
I'm a calm, feminine, sociable, loyal person. I like traveling, literature, philosophy, arts. I graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, now I am writing my dissertation. I specialise in...
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Aged 33
Id 10350
I am a kind, loving, romantic, caring, empathetic, trustworthy, sociable, easy-going and open-hearted lady. I can listen and give emotional support. I am very loyal and honest. I always do what I...
Omsk, Russia
Aged 56
Id 3977
My positive character and view of the life, sense of humour and active healthy lifestyle help me look attractive and much younger than my peers. I am who I am. Personality is very important quality...
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Aged 38
Id 10561
I love being a Lady and I enjoy my femininity. I am loving, affectionate, sensual, kind, caring, intelligent, smart, positive and purposeful lady. I am sociable and understanding. Human inner world...
London, UK
Aged 29
Id 10352
I am a very friendly person. I am loving, giving, educated, open-minded, understanding, easy-going, very kind, sincere and loyal. Besides, I am reliable and purposeful. I am looking for my soul...
Kiev, Ukraine
Aged 38
Id 10407
I am a delicate and feminine girl. I'm responsible and punctual. A person with a positive energy. I am passionate about nature, arts and creative works. My main goal is to meet a life partner, to...
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Aged 23
Id 10343
I am a romantic, loving, tender, giving, feminine, empathetic, friendly girl. I am reliable, responsible and I always keep my word. I dream of meeting my true love. In relationships I value mutual...
Dubai, UAE
Aged 32
Id 1171
I'm a sociable, kind, caring, feminine girl. My hobbies are painting, singing, fitness. I'm a professional and creative person, like travelling.
London, UK
Aged 28
Id 10376
I am loving, happy, cheerful, caring, giving and kind. I have a good sense of humor and I appreciate it in people. I am easy-going, friendly and sociable. I love life! I know how to negotiate and...
Khmelnytsky, Ukraine
Aged 28
Id 40160
I am an open and cheerful person. I like reading a lot, going to the cinema, to exhibitions. I like also traveling, learning foreign languages and discover this amazing world.
Cheboksary, Russia
Aged 29
Id 60258
I'm an open-minded, curious girl, with sense of humor. I'm interested in alternative medicine, music, sometimes playing the piano, travelling.
Khmelnytsky, Ukraine
Aged 49
Id 40162
I am a cheerful, kind, intelligent, compassionate, sociable, woman with my own personal life story:) Also I am a good housewife and value a cozy atmosphere at home. I like traveling and animals...
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Aged 26
Id 5633
By character I am a careful, kind, curious, purposeful, active, moderately selfish, not tolerant of hypocrisy and lies. Idealistic. Honest. I love taking pictures, I love extreme sports, cars...
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Aged 27
Id 5510
I am a sociable, creative and faithful person. I am getting a second higher education in St. Petersburg University, specialization: pop-jazz vocals. I am fond of absolutely different kinds of...
Barcelona, Spain
Aged 39
Id 40163
I am a cheerful, romantic, kind, friendly, devoted lady. I always try to trust people, to be open in communication and in my actions. I really want to start a family and be a beloved wife) Hobbies...
Moscow, Russia
Aged 39
Id 1172
I would describe myself as an educated, attractive, ambitious person. I'm also kind and caring to my close people, faithful and calm. I'm interested in design, beauty industry, sports and...
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Aged 37
Id 40158
I am an active and cheerful person, who is enjoying life. I like developing in different directions. Success is part of my life. I like feeling fulfilled and use my talents to benefit people. I...
London, UK
Aged 49
Id 60108
I'm a ood-looking and caring woman. I'm also cheerful, active, flexible and cosmopolitan. I've moved to the UK for studies and I feel that the whole world is open and interesting and I'm ready to...
Sri Lanka
Aged 58
Id 60078
I love nature, the sea, the forest, hiking, and camping with a tent. I come from St. Petersburg but I'm living most time in Sri Lanka now. Welcome to my new world:) I'm fond of cosmetology, I'm...


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