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    • A secure, comfortable and effective way to travel and meet a future partner.
    • Meetings with like-minded women who have shown an interest in you.
    • Flight, travel and accommodation arrangements and a pre-arranged meeting schedule.
    • A rendezvous and chaperone at host city airport and the use of a local mobile phone.
    • Full individual 24 hr. assistance during your stay.
    • A great chance to visit some historic cities and sample the culture of your future partner.
    Our process is divided into 3 distinct stages and you only pay for each stage as it happens.

    Stage 1 - the introduction process.
    We prepare a presentation and introduce you on your behalf to compatible women and select only like-minded for your future meeting.

    Stage 2 - arrangement of your trip. A bespoke service at your request.

    Stage 3 - finally your actual trip and meetings.

    If you need a more exclusive option with full help and support for 12 months, then consider taking our VIP service.

    Regional offices in 7 destinations. Our professional matchmakers will take care of you.

    St. Petersburg (Russia)

    Moscow (Russia)

    Rostov-on-Don (Russia)

    Novosibirsk (Russia)

    Dnepropetrovsk (the Ukraine)

    Khmelnitsky (Western Ukraine)

    Kharkov (the Ukraine)

It’s not a secret that super-men don’t grow on trees and charming women don’t hang around in bars, so where do selective unattached people go to meet their ideal partner - someone who is genuinely looking for a lasting, meaningful relationship?

Our Personal Tours offer you the unique opportunity to visit some of the most historic cities and towns in Russia and the Ukraine while at the same time meet eligible, serious, family-minded women from our agency.

Our Personal Tour Service is a secure and effective way to start a serious relationship with a lady who is compatible with you and has serious intentions to meet the right person. The lady who doesn't have the time or the wish to play any games - genuine, smart, feminine and on a par with you financially.

It gives you the opportunity to find your perfect match from hundreds of beautiful girls in our database, and our professional team helps you in this PLUS you get the opportunity to find much more! Love, friendship, romance or marriage....!


Here are some very good reasons to take one of our Personal Tours.:

  • All of our women' information is checked and verified by us.
  • Travel, relax. Save time and energy and meet exactly those people whom you expect to meet.
  • All of our members and clients enjoy the complete security of their personal information.
  • We only disclose information if and when you specifically request us to do so.
  • We avoid all kinds of 'in-genuine' people with our agency. We value our reputation!

Make contact with us directly by phone or e-mail and we can discuss all of your requirements.  An Agreement is prepared detailing what to expect.


Our 3 stage procedure works like this: The process is divided into 3 stages and payment is made in 3 stages. This way, no one pays for any part of the process until they are ready.



  • Stage 1
    The introduction process
  • Stage 2
    Preparation of tour and meeting
  • Stage 3
    Your personal tour and meeting
    from £150.00

Stage 1

The introduction process. Cost - £290.00

  • We prepare your personal presentation and agree its contents with you.
  • We circulate your presentation to compatible ladies and send you the results.
  • Consultation and preparation for Stage 2.

Stage 2

Preparation of your tour & meetings. Cost - £290.00

When you are happy with the women that have shown an interest in a personal meeting with you, we will start preparing your trip and your meeting(s). You only pay for your actual trip when you are ready at stage 3.

  • We advise you on all travel, visa and cultural arrangements (depending on destination).
  • We book your flight and accommodation (according to your wishes and demands).
  • We assist you in acquiring a visa (if needed).
  • We arrange your schedule of meeting(s) with the ladies.

Stage 3

Your personal tour & meetings. Cost starts from £150.00 (for 1 meeting and raises to £350.00 for up to 5 meetings).

What's included?

  • Airport - accommodation transfer on arrival.
  • Either 1 or up to 5 meetings with the chosen women.
  • Supply of a local mobile phone for your use during your stay.
  • Interpreters assistance (if needed) during your first 1 hour meetings.
  • One to one assistance of our local office and matchmaker during the whole period of your stay.
  • Accommodation - airport transfer on departure day.


If at any time during the Personal Tour process you decide that you may need on-going support, then we would be pleased to upgrade you to VIP status. The cost of VIP membership would be calculated having deducted any service fees already paid.

Just contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss this in more detail. For more information about our VIP Service, read here.


For HappyCoupleMatch - VIP MEMBERS - the first tour is FREE!!!

Two special TRIPS
Nigel from the UK writes

I was a very sceptical joiner of 'Happy Couple' for a number of reasons.

1) I thought it a bit of a stigma.

2) my late wife had actually ran an introduction agency so I knew there could be drawbacks e.g.. members telling fibs or exaggerating!

3) Visiting Russia would be complicated and too much hassle, even though the ladies looked wonderful.

4) I thought that the language would be a problem.

5) I thought I would be too old in my late fifties.

I was wrong on all counts. I got on so well with
the British Director, Mark and his reassurances,
then his business partner in St. Petersburg, they
both treated me like a person not as a number on
a computer as with other agencies...

David, an expat living in Cyprus writes


If you have stumbled upon this site by accident, as I did, it may just prove to be the happiest accident of your life.

I decided, after three months of misery following the breakdown of my marriage, to take a city break over Easter 2010.

HappyCoupleMatch is actually a somewhat misleading name

What Natasha does is to completely personalise your vacation experience.

St Petersburg is a fabulously beautiful city –
whether you enjoy art, architecture, ballet,opera or rock ‘n roll.

Do it on your own, with a friend or with a companion
recommended by Natasha.

If you need a driver, a guide or an
interpreter… nothing is too much trouble...

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